About Us

Hey y’all! Thanks for taking the time to stop in and check us out here at J&M Ranch! We are a family owned and operated Registered Texas Longhorn Ranch in Statesville NC. We like to keep things a family affair, which is why Matt originally got the bug for cattle in the first place! He had experience in the dairy industry during high school but after working as a mechanic, and tire changer in all the different series of NASCAR he longed for a breed of cattle he can come home to and enjoy that didn’t really feel like extra work. Through lots of research, he settled on Texas Longhorns because of their ease of workability, disease resistance, lean beef, variety, and GOOD LOOKS!

On any given day you will find Matt diligently researching the horn, confirmation, color, and temperament we breed into our animals. You’ll find Justine working side by side with our local vet to be sure the herd is vetted and cared for humanely with care, respect, and LOVE. As far as the future ranch managers, Weston, Evelynn, and Cheyenne they can be found tossing cattle cubes, working gates, or running back and forth for supplies while Mom and Dad tend to the ranch. We are sure baby Waylon will be running around with them as soon as he can! He already likes to sit and watch the cows from his stroller on nice days. We strive to teach our children the importance of caring for the land and animals that God has entrusted to us while we are here on this earth. We teach them that providing for the animals helps them provide for us in return once they are put into our TLBAA Registered Longhorn Beef Program. We take pride in the quality beef we are able to produce because of the care, and quality hay\grass we provide for them on a daily basis! Happy cows just taste better!!

In addition to the beef, we also strive to use as much of the animal and support our passion for the business with it! Between crossbody purses, wristlets, and hair bows and earrings we use the hide to the last scrap! Matt thoroughly enjoys cleaning and polishing horns for traditional skull décor as well!

As members of TLBAA, ITLA, The Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance, and previous members of the NETLA show circuit we couldn’t be prouder of the herd we’ve grown since purchasing our first set of longhorns and whether it’s for show cattle, beef, or breeding we would love to help you build your program too!

See y’all around soon,
~Matt, Justine, Weston, Evelynn, Cheyenne, and Waylon Reitenauer